COVID-19 Guidelines for Clients

Our re-opening is rapidly approaching and we are ready to reconnect with you. Our goal is to protect our staff, students, clients and our families. Please see the following guidelines for CLIENTS.

1. We are appointment ONLY! Contact the clinic to make the appointment. 231-799-1500 & press 1. We are NOT taking WALK-INS.

2. Masks are REQUIRED to enter and must be worn at all times.

3. Please come alone. Exceptions will be made for caregivers and single parents. No children under the age of two will be permitted at this time.

4. Our waiting area is closed. When you arrive, please call 231-799-1500 & press “1”. We will let you know when it is safe to enter the building. This is to ensure we have everything sanitized for you.

5. No one will be permitted to enter the building unless they have completed the Online COVID-19 Screening below. Screenings will be done on staff and students every day prior to entering the building. Clients will need to do the SCREENING the morning of your scheduled appointment.


Step One

COVID Screening Form

Please fill out our COVID-19 Screening form PRIOR to your visit to Nuvo College.



Step Two